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Class Descriptions

Upper Body Monday: Exercises focusing on your upper body. These workouts will helpto not only build functional strength, but as well as help to increase your metabolic rate while burning a high amount of calories during the workout.

Lower Body Tuesday: Exercises focusing on your lower body. These workouts will help to build a solid foundation for your body. Your legs are responsible for moving YOU. You will build overall lower body functional strength while increasing your metabolic rate and burning a high amount of calories during the workout.

Core and cardio Wednesday: Exercises focusing on the core such as abs and obliques. They call it the core because this is what your body revolves around. Stability begins at this point. Your core is responsible for sustaining both your upper and lower body. The stronger this area becomes. The stronger as a whole you become as well. Weight Training Wednesday: If you're looking into building strength and solid muscle. This is the class for you! This class will focus around heavy compound workouts such as bench pressing, heavy squats, dead lifting, etc. This class will help in building muscle mass as well as substantially increasing your metabolic rate.

Full Body Thursday: The body was made to work together. These workouts will help to build overall functionality by performing exercises that'll utilize every fiber in your body. Exercises such as clean and presses, kettle-bell swings, kettle-bell snatches, and other very explosive exercises will be performed really pushing you to the limit.

TGIF Fitness Camp: What better way to end the week than with some fun team based workouts! We'll have obstacle courses, races, and team based drills, such as tug-awar, tire flipping, tire jumping, monkey-bar climbing, rope swinging, and shark swimming (okay maybe not the shark swimming). These workouts will help to really test your functional strength, stamina, and endurance while having fun with the LifeFit team!

Saturday Fitness Camp: an extended version of Friday Fit Camp

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